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Our Courses

Android + Java

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Our Android App Development course takes you on a comprehensive journey with the Android Studio that starts from building the UI to connecting to network services and launching your product on the Google Play Store. Since most products look for both web and mobile presence these days, you'll be an in-demand Android Developer the day you graduate our Course.

This Android Application Development course is designed to provide essential skills and experience with developing applications on Android mobile platform which will create superstar developers who can think differently and who can build applications quickly. Since its open source, the scope to learn and work is infinite. It is no surprise that Android keeps adding the largest pool of developers worldwide each day. The Android booming industry is struggling to get quality mobile developers; hence the demand for Android application developers is growing and will grow.

Android Application Development Program is the only comprehensive android apps development training program in UAE which covers entire aspects of developing applications from basic JAVA to advanced Android development meeting the needs for professionals as well as fresh brains. Android is evolving very fast and new releases are coming like a flash. Hence at Pristine, we continuously review the new releases and market demands and revise our course content and training materials accordingly.

  • Introduction to JAVA Technology
  • Language Fundamentals I
  • Language Fundamentals II
  • Language Fundamentals III
  • Arrays, String and Wrapper Class
  • Abstract Class and Exception Handling
  • Nested Class
  • Multi-threading
  • Android Development Environment Kit
  • Installing the software development tools
  • Navigating Javadocs
  • SDK tool and sample code
  • Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Dalvik Debug Monitoring System (DDMS)
  • Accessing the Android File System
  • Pushing and pulling files
  • Accessing and filtering system logs
  • Android 4 SDK and tablet applications
  • Java for Android
  • Java Package
  • Java types System, primitive types
  • Access modifier and encapsulation
  • Java types and the Android frameworks
  • The Ingredients of an Android Application
  • Android Apps Components and Modularity
  • Android class hierarchy design
  • Concurrency in Android
  • AsyncTask and the UI thread
  • Developing Android Application
  • Application Structure
  • The context class hierarchy

  • Linear, Relative and Table Layouts
  • Activities and linking with Intents
  • The essential Android base classes
  • The app package
  • The view package and ViewAdapters
  • Packaging an Android application: the .apk file
  • Sandboxing
  • The Application lifecycle
  • Shared Preferences and Content providers
  • Skeleton Application for Android
  • The bones of a Real Application
  • A framework for a pleasing user experience
  • Compatibility with many kinds of screens
  • Testing for screen size compatibility
  • Resource qualifiers and screen sizes
  • Android UI and Database access
  • Activity, Layout, Views, Intents
  • Relational database overview
  • Sqlite3 database and its limitations
  • Operating on databases using SQL Helper classes
  • Document-centric interactive applications
  • The model-view-controller design pattern
  • Database-centric data models in Android
  • Cursor Adapters and binding views to databases
  • Using Google API's and services
  • Integrating Google Maps and services in Android apps
  • Debugging Android Code
  • Preparing an application for distribution
  • The Google Play Store
  • Placing applications in the Play Store
  • Live Projects
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