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Value Added Tax Training Program

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United Arab Emirates introduced value-added tax (VAT) in 2018 created more than10000 new jobs for Tax Agent, Tax Accountant and General Accountant with some large consultancy firms already starting to increase their headcount. According to industry experts, coming year scope of the job will increase more.


VAT Training and Certification Course are one of the most demanded certification course in UAE at the moment. VAT (Value Added Tax) provides training on goods, and services, SAP, inter-company sales, Third party drop shipment, stock transfer, purchases, vat certification, etc.

Why Should You Attend the VAT Training in United Institute?

VAT training is very beneficial to any company, as it will discuss a lot that most people don’t understand since it is still a new concept in the UAE. There are a lot of institutions offering VAT training and certification courses in the UAE but United Institute’s VAT Training is fully focused on learners who doesn’t have good account background. . Through this training, the non-accounting staff and the accounting staff of companies will fully understand what VAT entails, and how to properly account for it.

Everything will be addressed, with the correct and accepted way of invoicing to recording entries. We have come up with answers to your potential questions, and can very well explain how VAT will make an impact in our country. The preparation of VAT return forms will also be discussed, and this training will cover the various types of goods and services along with the VAT accounting treatment for them. Our VAT training in UAE has been designed for people who are new to VAT, and who are decision-makers for their companies with consequences that involve VAT.

  • Concept and motive of VAT
  • Input and Output VAT
  • Supplies, Goods and Services
  • Taxable Supplies
  • Reduce rated Supplies
  • Zero-rated Supplies
  • Exempt Supplies
  • Zero Rated Vs. Exempt
  • VAT Registration
  • When to register for VAT?
  • Who should register for VAT?
  • Exceptions to VAT registration, i.e., when you are not required to register for VAT even if you have taxable supplies
  • Mandatory vs. Volunteer VAT registration
  • Treatment of Capital Assets sale while calculating the VAT registration threshold
  • VAT registration applicability on non-residents
  • The concept of Group VAT registration
  • Date of Supply Rules
  • When to account for VAT as per date of Supply Rules
  • What is the date of supply rules under special circumstances?
  • For consecutive supplies (e.g. construction contracts)
  • Place of Supply Rules
  • How to establish that place of supply of any goods/services is UAE?
  • Place of supply of Goods
  • Place of supply of Services
  • Value of Supply Rules
  • On what amount VAT should be charged under Value of Supply Rules
  • Value of Supply
  • Value of Import and what is the effect of landed cost components and customs duty
  • 3: VAT Exemptions
  • Treatment of VAT while you are selling exempt items
  • Impact of VAT exemption on certain industries
  • Residential buildings
  • Financial Services
  • Bare land
  • Local passenger transport
  • Exemption on imports and suspension of the VAT
  • When should VAT be accounted for?
  • Calculating Input VAT (Purchases)
  • Calculating Output VAT (Sales, Services & Gifts)
  • Filing VAT returns
  • The timing for VAT Filing
  • VAT Return Filing Demo
  • Claim for VAT Refunds
  • VAT on Free Zones
  • The concept of Designated Zones
  • VAT on sale from/to Designated Zones
  • VAT treatment of import and exports in such zone
  • Late payment/ submission penalties
  • Error and penalties
  • Default interest rate
  • Calculating output VAT on Exports
  • Calculating input VAT on Imports (Member countries and non-member countries)
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism and VAT on Imports
  • The concept of Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Accounting entries in reverse charge mechanism
  • Tax calculation and tax reconciliation under the reverse charge mechanism
  • The implication of import VAT on intra-GCC transshipments
  • VAT on imports by unregistered persons
  • The layout of the VAT Invoice
  • Charging VAT on the Invoice price
  • VAT invoices Record Keeping
  • Filing of UAE VAT Return
  • Data planning for the filing of VAT Return
  • UAE VAT Return structure
  • Understanding each box of VAT Return
  • Calculating and adjusting the Reverse Charged VAT in Box 3, 6 and 10
  • Rightful claiming of input VAT on expenses under Box no. 10
  • Adjustment for the profit margin scheme
  • Exempt supplies apportionment of expenses
  • VAT Refund application
  • VAT Payment
  • Updated Tax Invoice format
  • Input VAT claim on real estate-related expenses
  • VAT on directors’ services
  • Input VAT apportionment between exempt and taxable supplies
  • Designated zone supplies
  • Treatment of VAT on family health insurance
  • VAT on compensation-related payments
  • Non-recoverable input on entertainment expenses
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