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Our Courses

Autodesk AutoCAD 3D

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Course Overview

Among the most famous CAD courses, AutoCAD tops the list. These projects are built to assist professionals to sketch out the items and structures without depicting schedules physically. AutoCAD 2d drawing course is one of the finest courses presently available in the market. United training institute is offering AutoCAD Classes in Ajman for very low-price. AutoCAD is most extensively used across the globe and is completely featured drafting software. Our AutoCAD training in Ajman will give individuals a great groundwork while you use the most powerful drafting software, which is used across many organizations worldwide, mostly by architectural and engineering organizations. This course training will give individuals the necessary directions significant for expert 2D CAD drawing. Even if you have no previous experience with CAD, you can swiftly get through this course.

Why to learn AutoCAD?

This is software that is used by as many scientific businesses. Every now and then, we need people who can create a concept into a design which can be built thereafter. This course will help you open up yourself to new prospects. Few benefits after taking this training include:
• Fitting in the workforce and being more competitive
• Flexibility learning
• Understanding by dong and watching
• Learning what helps in creating a design

Session 1: Introduction
    Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Starting AutoCAD
  • Invoking Commands in AutoCAD
  • Starting a New Drawing
  • Save Drawing as Dialog box
  • Opening an Existing Drawing
  • Creating and Managing Workspaces
  • AutoCAD Screen Components
  • AutoCAD Dialog Boxes
  • Saving Your Work
  • Closing a Drawing
  • Quitting AutoCAD
  • Getting started with AutoCAD
  • Dynamic Input Mode
  • Invoking tools Using Dynamic INPUT/Command Prompt
  • Setting Units Type and Precision
  • Drawing Lines in AutoCAD
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Object Selection Methods
  • Starting with Advanced sketching
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Drawing Polylines
  • Drawing Infinite Lines
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Regular Polygon
  • Placing Points
  • Writing a Single Line Text
  • Working with drawing Aids
  • Understanding the Concept and use of LAYERS
  • Object Properties
  • Working with Object Snaps
  • Running Object Snap Mode
  • Function and Control Keys
  • Working with Layers
  • Drafting Settings dialog box
  • Drawing Straight Lines using the Ortho Mode
  • Using Auto Tracking
  • Editing Sketched Objects-I
  • Editing Sketches
  • Copying the Sketched Objects
  • Mirroring the Sketched objects
  • Moving the Sketched Objects
  • Arraying the Sketched Objects
  • Edting Sketching Objects-II
  • Introduction to Grips
  • Managing Contents Using the Design enter
  • Panning Drawings
  • Types of Grips
  • Zooming Drawings
  • Creating Tect and Tables
  • Annotative Objects
  • Multiple Annotation Scales
  • Creating Text
  • Entering Special Characters
  • Editing Text
  • Creating a New Table Style
  • Annotation Scale
  • Controlling the Display of Annotative objects
  • Creating Multiline Text
  • Inserting Table in the Drawing
  • Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Need for Dimensioning
  • Fundamental Dimensioning Terms
  • Angular Dimensioning of Circles
  • Working with True Associative Dimensions
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance
  • Adding Geometric Tolerance
  • Dimensioning in AutoCAD
  • Creating Linear Dimensions
  • Creating Inspection Dimensions
  • Aligning Multileaders
  • Geometric Characteristics and Symbols
  • Complex Feature Control Frames
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions by Stretching
  • Flipping Dimension Arrow
  • Modifying the Dimensions
  • Updating Dimensions
  • Properties Palette (Dimension)
  • Model Space and Paper Space Dimensioning
  • Editing Dimensions by Trimming and Extending
  • Editing the Dimension Text
  • Editing Dimensions with Grips
  • Editing Dimensions using the Properties Palette
  • Properties Palette (Multileader)
  • Dimension Styles, Multileader styles and System variables
  • Using Styles and Variables to Control Dimensions
  • New Dimension Style dialog box
  • Fitting Dimension Text and Arrowheads
  • Formatting Alternate Dimension Units
  • Modify Multileader Style dialog box
  • Creating and Restoring Dimension Styles
  • Controlling the Dimension Text Format
  • Formatting Primary Dimension Units
  • Formatting the Tolerances
  • Creating and Restoring Multileader Styles
  • Model space Viewports, paper space viewports and Layouts
  • Model Space and Paper Space/Layouts
  • Making a Viewport Current
  • Paper space viewports (Floating Viewports)
  • Editing Viewports
  • Model Space Viewports (Tiled Viewports)
  • Joining Two Adjacent Viewports
  • Temporary Model Space
  • Plotting Drawings
  • Plotting Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Adding Plotters
  • Plotting Drawings Using the Plot Dialog Box
  • Using Plot Styles
  • Hatching Drawings
  • Hatching
  • Panels in the Hatch Creation Tab
  • Hatching the Drawing Using the Tool Palettes
  • Hatching Drawings Using the Hatch Tool
  • Creating Annotative Hatch
  • Hatching Around Text, Dimensions, and Attributes
  • Working with Blocks
  • The Concept of Blocks
  • Creating and Inserting Annotative Blocks
  • Creating Drawing Files using the Write Block Dialog Box
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Adding Blocks in Tool Palettes
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